Monday, October 6, 2008

NOT Our New Pet

The infamous Eastview bear finally made it to our house the other day. I'd just gotten back from a shoot and glanced out the window only to see it chowing down on the contents of our Hummingbird feeder.

He or she would have probably hung around the rest of the day, but I had another shoot to attend, so I ultimately made noise inside the house until he headed into the woods. Prior to this, at one point he was as close as two feet to the back door.

The DNR officer I called suggested we remove our bird feeders and keep our trash cans in the garage to help ensure that our yard wouldn't be added to the bear's usual route through the neighborhood.

I like nature as much as the next guy, but I have no desire to see this, or any other bear, at my home again.

The not so great pictures were shot through a double pane window that could have stood to be cleaned, but alas, no time to do so.